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This page contains various examples for using OWLNext:

Even older examples are still available here.

OWL Core Examples:

Item Description Date Size
aclock.zip Updated clock example from Borland C++ 5.0x 07/06/2007 128 K
htmlhelp.zip Example how use html help. 07/06/2007 117 K
mtgdix.zip Multithread example 07/06/2007 21 K
console.zip Simple console application. 21/06/2007 17 K
replace+.zip Find/Replace or touch (set file date and time) files. Shows many new OWL Next features (Created by Jogy) 07/06/2007 65 K
bmpview.zip Bitmap viewer example . Shows how to use TScroller. 07/06/2007 73 K
tabbar.zip OWL Next NoteTab control inserted in control bar. 07/06/2007 22 K
vcl2owl.zip Example how to call OWL Next TDialog from VCL application. (Created by Sebastian Ledesma) 07/06/2007 11 K
gadgets.zip Show new gadgets controls, with Flat painting 20/11/2007 285 K
xpthemes.zip XP themes example by Sebastian Ledesma 20/11/2007 334 K
apxrevdv.zip Example using TRichEditView 07/06/2007 93 K
bardesc.zip Two examples of using TBarDescr - tool bar descriptor, class like TMenuDescr. 07/06/2007 57 K
checklst.zip TCheckList example 07/06/2007 25
cmdenabl.zip Command enabling example 07/06/2007 45 K
ctxthelp.zip Context help example 07/06/2007 38 K
datetime.zip Show new DateTime control 07/06/2007 26 K
docview.zip Example of using TBarDescr in doc-view 07/06/2007 69 K
gadgetx.zip Show new gadgets controls 07/06/2007 33 K
glyphbtn.zip TGlyphButton example 07/06/2007 29 K
ipaddres.zip Show new IP Adress control 07/06/2007 22 K
lineiter.zip Example using TTextFile and TFileLineIterator 07/06/2007 23 K
monthcal.zip Show new Month Calendar control 07/06/2007 22 K
mru.zip Example TRecentFileList class 07/06/2007 23 K
picker.zip OWL Picker control example. 07/06/2007 41 K
scroller.zip TFlatScroller example 07/06/2007 20 K
tabbed.zip Example usage TTabbedBase and TTabbedWindow classes, to create tabbed windows 07/06/2007 32 K
tabchecklist.zip Example written by Dieter Windau, TCheckList and TTabCheckList classes 07/06/2007 28 K
trayicon.zip Example TTrayIcon class 07/06/2007 32 K
urllink.zip Example TUrlLink class 07/06/2007 32 K
drawitem.zip TDrawItem family example (Owner draw items) 07/06/2007 48 K
notetabx.zip New features of TNoteTab control (created by Jogy) 07/06/2007 25 K
tabbedx.zip Some features of using TNoteTab control (tabbed windows) (sample by David Lynch) 07/06/2007 19 K
diagtst.zip Example using OWL Diagnostic, Diagnostic window.(See System menu) 07/06/2007 26 K
dlgview.zip Example TDialogView class 07/06/2007 17 K
tooltipx.zip Some new features and tricks with Tooltip. OWL Next specific 07/06/2007 35 K
tutorial.zip Object Windows Library tutorial, updated for OWLNext. 07/06/2007 243 K

OCF Examples:

Item Description Date Size
flash.zip Flash example by Sebastian Ledesma 27/02/2008 882 K
wmPlayer7OWL.zip wmPlayer example by Sebastian Ledesma 27/02/2008 379 K
wmPlayer_OWL.zip wmPlayer classic example by Sebastian Ledesma 27/02/2008 895 K

Last updated: 28 February 2008