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Item Description Date/Version Size
setupOWLext.zip Installation of OWLExt library Version 3.0 10/12/2007 5330 K
setupOWLfx.zip Installation of OWLFx library 10/12/2007 1718 K
coolprj.zip CoolEdit and CoolGrid Project (see more), and read Projects page 31/01/2000 326.3 K
owlapx5.zip OWL Wizard for VC++ 5.0. Copy it to SharedIDE\Templates directory.   81 K
owlclx6.zip OWL Development Toolkit for VC 6.0. Version 1.5.6. 894 K
owl60hlp.zip OWL Next help file  02/14/2000 2,156 K
menubar.zip MenuBar Project, read Projects page 11/30/1999 44 K
owlclx4.zip OWL AppExpert for BCB 4.0 (Preview) 02/15/2000 448 K
classlib.zip BIDS for OWL NExt (Not supported) 03/10/2000 61.6 K 

Last updated: 16 October 2009