OWLNext  6.44
Borland's Object Windows Library for the modern age
OWLNext Documentation

OWLNext is a modern update and extension of Borland's Object Windows Library for writing GUI applications in standard C++ on Microsoft Windows. With support for a wide range of modern compilers, OWLNext provides a migration path for legacy OWL applications written in Borland C++. OWLNext is maintained and supported by the user community.

OWLNext is based on the Object Windows Library (OWL) which is copyrighted software owned by Embarcadero Technologies. See Prerequisites in our installation guide for more information on how to obtain an OWL license. OWLNext consists of modifications and additions (collectively called patches) to the original OWL source code. These patches are the property of the respective contributors to OWLNext and are licensed for general use in accordance with the OSI Approved zlib/libpng License. Note that this license only applies to the patches. The full OWLNext source code (the patched software) is further restricted by the OWL license; refer to your OWL license for details.

Visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/owlnext for more information.

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